Emotion Audio was borne out of a passion for unique and distinctive high end audio products, seek to produce the nuances and emotions of the original performance. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with the most passionate audio manufacturers. We believe in perfection in every product we carry and it is our foremost goal to deliver the best in sound quality. All our brands consist of handcrafted components for people with an eye for beauty and a discerning ear.

Our Brands

USA - Absolare

Serbia - Beyond Frontiers Audio

USA - Echole Cables

Poland - G Lab Design Fidelity

Croatia - Marohei Cables

New Zealand - Pure Audio

UK - Tellurium Q

Slovenia - Ubiq Audio

France - Waterfall Audio

Emotion Audio建基於對獨特及出衆的高端音響產品的熱愛, 以及追求重現真實音樂表演時的情感。為了實現這個目標,我們與最有激情的音響製造商合作。我們精挑細選每一件產品,最重要的目標是讓人感動及陶醉在音樂之中。我們所有的品牌都注重純手工製作,希望能滿足客人挑剔的耳朵外,同時講究的外觀設計也能吸人注月山。


美國 - Absolare

塞爾維亞 - Beyond Frontiers Audio

美國 - Echole Cables

波蘭 - G Lab Design Fidelity

克羅地亞 - Marohei Cables

新西蘭 - Pure Audio

英國 - Tellurium Q

斯洛文尼一中 - Ubiq Audio

法國 - Waterfall Audio