Absolare’s vision of sonic purity is founded upon the principle of collaboration. A dedicated international team of engineers, audio designers and craftsmen are committed to realizing the Absolare vision within our in-house facilities both in the Netherlands and the USA. Through rigorous research and innovative design, all Absolare products are meticulously manufactured using the highest quality components and assembled from the ground up by the Absolare team. Absolare’s Pre-amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Electrical Mains Distribution Devices, and Signal Purifiers are all developed in accordance within this same rigorous process. At Absolare we believe that the only way to achieve a truly natural reproduction of the musical performance is through a team of industry experts working in a true spirit of collaboration towards the shared goal of sonic purity.

Absolare has focused on unique Single Ended, Push-Pull and Integrated Amplifier designs. The mission has been to reach a new level of musical involvement within the realm of Single Ended topologies. The unique and minimal nature of the signal path; the electromagnetic isolation of the signal section from the power section; the use of ultra-high quality components in absolute synergy; the balance of resonance characteristics, and the unique winding and crimping techniques of the artisans producing the transformers are only part of the unique qualities of Absolare products.

Absolare 聲音純淨的願景建立在合作的原則上。一個由國際工程師,音頻設計師和工匠組成的專業團隊致力於在荷蘭和美國的內部設施中實現Absolare的願景。通過嚴謹的研究和創新的設計,所有的Absolare產品都是使用最高質量的零件精心製造的,並由Absolare團隊從頭開始組裝。Absolare的前置放大器,功率放大器,電源分配設備和信號淨化器都是按照同樣嚴格的流程開發的。在Absolare, 我們相信,真正實現音樂表演的自然複製的唯一途徑是通過一個真正的合作精神的行業專家團隊,實現聲音純淨的共同目標。



Absolare Integrated Amplifier