The unique hallmark of Echole Cables is the use of our proprietary Silver, Gold and Palladium alloy. Echole is the first and only cable manufacturer to combine these metals in an exclusive alloy, refined after an intensive five-year program of research and development.

Echole Cables are arranged in five tiers – from the entry level PASSION through to the OBSESSION and SIGNATURE, right up to the ORIUS and our current flagship line, the OMNIA. Every cable in each tier is specifically designed to meet the uncompromising demands of dedicated high-end systems.

OMNIA is the flagship of Echole Cables. Meticulously designed and painstakingly hand-crafted, it represents the pinnacle of our range. OMNIA is the culmination of thousands of hours of research conducted by our team across many countries, dedicated to extending the boundaries of what has previously been thought possible in cable design. OMNIA achieves a rare life-like performance, beyond the realm of standard audiophile criteria.

Since 2008, Echole has won numerous awards including Best Sound of Show at C.E.S., Munich High-End, and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF). Recently, Echole SIGNATURE synergy was evaluated by Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound (The Absolute Sound - Issue 234, July / August 2013) where the performance of Echole Cables in combination with Absolare electronics was described as ‘world-class’. Highly respected opinion leaders across 15 countries agree with this description, their collective testimony combined with widespread critical acclaim, confirms Echole’s reputation for excellence. The name Echole, being the ancient form of École (School), harks back to the art of listening that forms the foundation of all of our designs. All of Echole’s cables are designed and crafted according to the principles of naturalness and neutrality – the ultimate reference in the realm of ultra high-end audio cables.


Echole線材分五個系列次﹣ 從入門PASSION到OBSESSION和SIGNATURE, 直至ORIUS和我們目前的旗艦產品線OMNIA。每層中的每根電纜都專門設計用於滿足高端系統的不妥拹要求。

OMNIA是Echole Cables的旗艦。精心設計和精心手工之作。OMNIA是我們團隊在許多個國家進行的數千小時的研究的結晶,致力於擴展之前在線材設計中所認為可能的界限。OMNIA實現了超越發燒友標準領域的難得的活生表現。

自2008年以來,Echole贏得了許多獎項,包括C.E.S.,Munich Hi-end, 和the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF)的最佳音展示範。Echole SIGNATURE 由Absolute Sound 的Robert Harley評估,Echole Cables與Absolare擴大器組合的表現被描述為"世界級“。 在15個國家受到高度尊重的行業領袖均表認同,證實了Echole卓越的聲譽。Echole這個名字讓人回想起構成我們所有設計基礎的聆聽藝術。所有Echole的線材都是跟據自然和中性的原則設計和製造的,這是超高端音頻線材領域的最終參考。

Echole Passion - Power Cable

Echole Obsession - Power Cable

Echole Signature - Power Cable

Echole Orius - Power Cable

Echole Omnia - Power Cable

Echole Obsession - Digital Interconnect Cable

Echole Signature - Digital Interconnect Cable

Echole Omnia - Digital Interconnect Cable

Echole Passion - Analog Interconnect Cable

Echole Obsession - Analog Interconnect Cable

Echole Signature - Analog Interconnect Cable

Echole Orius - Analog Interconnect Cable

Echole Omnia - Analog Interconnect Cable

Echole Obsession - Speaker Cable

Echole Orius - Speaker Cable

Echole Omnia - Speaker Cable