G LAB Design Fidelity is an audio brand based in Poland which designs, develops and manufactures audio products, both professional and audiophile of highest possible quality and craftsmanship.

For us it's all about the people. We bring  together enthusiasts from all walks of life. Audio, design, brand identity, engineering and business. All together we want to deliver you the finest audio products that not only will satisfy audio enthusiasts, but also design conscious customers. We are considered  "the niche of the niche". All products are built with detailed and custom engineering  both mechanically and electronically. The process of developing a new product is not only hard work for us, but also  fun. We play with materials, with solutions and ideas.

Our heart is ELZAB, our production environment,  a factory that has been developing electronics and mechanics for over 40 years. The factory was started on 1st August 1969 in Zabrze, Poland. Great experience in manufacturing a wide variety of products, from first computers in the early 70's through PC's in the 80’s to modern cash registers, allows us to experiment with custom solutions and gives us professional support in engineering. Manufacturing our products in Poland allows us to control the quality every step of the way.

The idea of starting an audio brand was to deliver our customers products that have custom solutions, that are limited, and aren't mainstream. Products that would have their own history. Products that were created with passion, fun and with respect to everybody who was involved in the entire process from the project on paper to the finished product.

G LAB Design Fidelity 是一家總部位於波蘭的音響品牌,致力於設計,開發和製造音響產品,以達致最新級別標準。


我們的心臟是ELZAB, 我們的生產環境,40多年來一直在開發電子和機械的工廠。該工廠於1969年8月1日在波蘭Zabrze成立。從70年代初期的計算機到80年代的電腦設備到現在的收銀機,製造各種產品的豐富經驗使我們能夠嘗試定制解決方案,並為我們提供專業的工程支持。在波蘭製造我們的產品使我們能夠控制質量的每一個細節。



g lab defi Block Integrated Amplifier