Marohei-cables is a small company specialized in hi-fi & high-end audio cables production with over 30 years of work and experience in high fidelity sound quality reproduction. Shortly, our cables are for real high quality music presentation lovers !

All our products are handmade because we deeply believe that human hand is a perfect instrument and there is no better way to produce high quality product that you would like to live with, a long and happy life ! Most of them, single cable is oabout 90% of built in elements is only our production and, at the moment we are one of not many companies which in dielectric technology uses the best capillary silk. Beside this segment, in our reference & signature edition, we offer it as an option of outside cover i.e. finish because we dedicate a lot of intention also to design.

Basic characteristics of our cables are: neutral balance, impressive dynamics, tone purity and realistic stage. Nothing less,nothing more !

We are mostly using these materials: solid core 99,999987% Ultra high purity long crystal silver (6N), Solid core 99,99% of long crystal Copper (4N), Mulberry silk, P.T.F.E. (Teflon tubing), Egyptian raw cotton, tellurium copper, silicone rubber etc.

Our offer is divided in three basic categories: hi-fi line, reference line and signature line.

All our cables are passing a finishing phase of sound test in the way that they are coming to the final user partially burned in. An important notice for reference and signature series of interconnect cables and speaker cables is that there is needed about 200h of playing in order to perform in real light.



我們的所有產品都是手工製作的,因為我們深信人的手是一個完美的工具,沒有更好的方法來生產你想要的高品質產品,一個漫長而幸福的生活! 線材中大部分, 單一線材當中超過90%以上的內置元件,只有我們生產,同時我們是其中一個品牌使用介電技術最好的毛細絲綢。因為每個系列我們都非常用心設計。


我們的線材主要使用:實芯99.99987%超高純度長晶銀 (6N), 實芯99.99%長晶銅 (4N), 桑蠶絲,P.T.F.E (鐵氟龍管), 埃及原棉, 碲銅,矽橡膠等材料。


Marohei Vortex - Speakers Cable

Marohei Vortex - RCA Cable

Marohei Vortex - Digital RCA

Marohei Vortex - Power Cable

Marohei Vortex ( Power Plus ) - Power Cable

Marohei Vortex - USB Cable 2.0

Marohei Vortex - XLR Cable

Marohei Signature - RCA Cable

Marohei Signature - XLR Cable

Marohei Maduro S - Power Cable

Marohei Maduro C - Power Cable

Marohei Maduro S - Speakers Cable

Marohei Maduro S - RCA Cable

Marohei Maduro S - XLR Cable

Marohei Maduro S - Digital Cable