PureAudio was founded by Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens.

Gary has enjoyed a 30 year career in the high-end audio industry, the largest part of that as a co-owner and head designer for Plinius Audio. Gary was responsible for the sound of Plinius from 1987 until 2005.During that time he was instrumental in the creation of a series of highly regarded and well reviewed audio amplifiers.

Ross has worked as an industrial designer for over 25 years, with a particular passion for high-end audio. He has worked with leading designers, including Philippe Starck, and high-end audio brands including B&W, Perreaux and Plinius. Ross was responsible for the industrial design of the now iconic curved range of Plinius products introduced in 2002.

It was as a result of their collaboration on the design of Plinius products that Gary and Ross developed a close professional and personal friendship. PureAudio reflects their shared passion to create simple, innovative, and refined designs that focus on the very human pastime of the enjoyment of music.

PureAudio 由Gary Morrison和Ross Stevens創立。

Gary從事高端音響行業超過30年,其中最大的一部分是作為Plinius Audio的共同擁有者和首席設計司。從1987年到2005年,Plinius Audio所有產品的聲音皆由Gary負責。因此,Gary在當時Plinius Audio一系列受到高度重視和廣受好評的放大器中發揮了重要作用。

Ross從事工業設計司超過25年,而一直對高端音響產品有著等別的熱情。在工業設計方面,Ross曾與Philippe Starck合作,在高端音響方面,Ross曾與B&W, Perreaux和Plinius等品牌合作。當中Plinius Audio於2002年推出的一系列標誌性產品均由Ross負責設計。

在設計Plinius Audio產品時兩人合作產生的火花,及後兩人在專業和個人方面均發展了深厚的友誼。PureAudio反映了他們共同的熱情,創造出簡約,創新和精緻的設計,重現過往單純享受音樂的消遣樂趣。


Pure Audio One Integrated Amplifier

Pure Audio Control Preamplifier

Pure Audio Reference 2 Class A Monoblock

Pure Audio Duo 2 Channel Class A Power Amplifer

Pure Audio Vinyl Phono Preamplifier