Tellurium Q was founded by Geoff Merrigan and Simon Lomax.

Tellurium Q have engineered three distinct families of sound to take account of three distinct demands our customers have asked for. Which is why we have the Silver and Blue rangers as well as the Black which help achieve this for our customers:

-Silver range : The sound can best be described as silver but without the fatigue and harshness that can go along with that material.

-Black range : the natural / transparent range that allows an incredibly life like reproduction for us in a well balance system to simply unlock what the system can do.

-Blue range : slight warmth that just takes the top edge out of a system that is a little brittle or bright.

Tellurium Q由Geoff Merrigan和Simon Lomax創立。

Tellurium Q巳經設計了三個不同的聲音系列,以考慮到我們客戶三種的不同要求。這就是為什麼在我們產品線中有銀色,黑色及藍色系列。




Silver Diamond - Speaker Cable

Black Diamond - Speaker Cable

Ultra Silver - Speaker Cable

Ultra Black - Speaker Cable

Silver - Speaker Cable

Black - Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond - RCA Cable

Black Diamond - RCA Cable

Ultra Silver - RCA Cable

Ultra Black - RCA Cable

Black - RCA Cable

Silver Diamond - XLR Cable

Black Diamond - XLR Cable

Ultra Silver - XLR Cable

Ultra Black - XLR Cable

Black - XLR Cable

Silver Diamond - Digital RCA

Black Diamond - Digital RCA

Ultra Silver - Digital RCA

Black - Digital RCA

Silver Diamond - Digital XLR

Black - Digital XLR

Silver Diamond - USB Cable

Ultra Silver - USB Cable

Silver - USB Cable

Black - USB Cable

Ultra Silver - Power Cable

Black - Power Cable

System Disc