Waterfall Audio is a French company, born from a passion for music and beautiful “objects”, a creative mind and a solid team established in 1996 by Cedric Aubriot, the current CEO. From the start, Waterfall positions itself in a “niche” segment of the market with its innovating concept of a speaker made of glass. Marketing and sales of the first products start in November 1999 following 4 years of intensive research and development. Waterfall Audio is closely associated to Atohm, a French company founded by Thierry Comte, a well renowned french manufacturer of exceptional drivers. Atohm is located near Besançon, the heart of high precision engineering in France.

Using very sophisticated manufacturing processes for glass cutting with precision near 100 Microns we have mastered the art of glass assembly. Sold in France through a network of specialist dealers, our speakers are present in every continent, and in more than 50 countries. In the course of the development of its patented technologies (Acoustic Damping Tube and Heatstream) Waterfall has successfully received the support of 5 different national programs for Innovation (BPI, OSEO, ANVAR).

Our Mission

To propose the ultimate acoustical and visual solution for all your residential audio-video requirements. Waterfall presents speakers that deliver exceptionally pure and natural sound, with unique esthetical attributes capable of blending into any interior. From conception to finished product, our speakers gather a rare stream of elements, created like pieces of Art, with pure lines and based on patented technologies.

Using choice materials such as glass and aluminium, our speakers are individually hand assembled in our factory in the south of France. A Waterfall speaker is the result of a passion without limit, bringing together technology and unique design.

Waterfall Audio是一家法國公司,源於對音樂和美麗"物體"的激情,創造性思維和堅實的團隊,由現任首席執行董事Cedric Aubriot於1996年創立。從一開始,Waterfall Audio以其創新的玻璃揚聲器在市場定位,經過4年的深入研究和開發,第一批產品的銷售始於1999年11月。Waterfall Audio與Atohm關係緊密相連,Atohm同樣是一家法國公司,由著名法國製造商Thierry Comte創立。Atohm位於Besancon附近,是法國高精度工程核心區。

使用非常複雜的玻璃切割生產工藝,精度接近100微米,我們巳經掌握了玻璃組裝的技術。通過專業經銷商網絡在法國銷售,我們的揚聲器遍佈於各大州,遍佈50多個國家。在其專利技術(聲阻尼管和熱流)的發展過程中,Waterfall Audio巳經成功地得到了5個不同國家創新計劃 (BPI, OSEO, ANVAR) 的支持。


為住宅音頻或視頻提供最終的聲學和視覺解決方案。Waterfall Audio揚聲器提供非常純淨和自然的聲音,具有獨特的美學屬性能夠融入家居。從概念到成品,我們的揚聲器收集了一系列元素,像藝術品一樣,以純線條和專利技術為基礎。

我們的揚聲器使用玻璃和鋁等材料,在法國南部的工廠以人手組裝。Waterfall audio揚聲器是無限激情的成果,匯集了技術和獨特的設計。



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