Rather than following the popular trends in speaker building we have chosen to follow nature — getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of live music. Under the guidance of Igor Kante, a passionate,highly experienced audiophile and retailer, the main requirements for the speakers were set. Igor worked closely with the industrial designer Janez Mesaric and acoustic designer Miro Krajnc to form the basis for the speaker that will change the widespread notion of what is possible in this size and form.

我們選擇遵循大自然﹣盡量接近現場音樂的音調和動態,而不是遵循揚聲器的流行趨勢。在充滿熱情,經驗豐富的發燒友和零售商 Igor Kante 的指導下,發言人的主要要求巳經確定,伊戈爾與工業設計師Janez Mesaric和聲學設計師Mirco Kranjnc密切合作,為揚聲器奠定了基礎,這將改變這種規橂和形式的廣泛概念。


Ubiq Audio Model One ( Duelund Edition )