Beyond Frontiers Audio
BFA Tube D/A Converter
HKD $300000.00

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Input impedance: SPDIF 75 Ohm | XLR 110 Ohm

Voltage gain: +18dB

Peak output voltage: 12V/pp

Frequency range: 32kHz - 192kHz

Internal digital format: 24bit / 192kHz

Reference clock: 49,152MHz

Output impendance: 240 Ohm

Dynamic range: 132dB

THD+N at 1 kHz: 0.1%

Mains voltage: 230V/115V ~ (50/60Hz)

Inputs: 2 x USB |  1 x XLR  |  2 x RCA  |  1 x OPTICAL

Dimension: WIDTH 446mm x Height: 160mm x Depth: 410mm

Weight: 24KG

Color and Finish:

Silver anodized alu cover with diamond edge

Black  anodized alu cover with diamond edge

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