Ubiq Audio
Ubiq Audio Model One ( Duelund Edition )
HKD $135000.00

M O D E L   O N E​

back to the fundamentals of a lively, powerful and dynamic music reproduction

The birth of MODEL ONE is a direct result of Igor Kante's decades long quest for an affordable, relatively compact speaker system of the highest sound quality caliber. Being an avid concertgoer he was mostly disappointed with the sound quality achievable even with very expensive audio gear. He always felt there must be ways to significantly improve the sound quality levels under the typical home conditions. In recent years he re-discovered some of the legendary, classic speaker designs from the past like Altec and Acoustic Research. The listening experiences with these designs were much more reminiscent of the sound he heard at concerts and certainly much more realistic than with the plethora of the modern speakers coming from the high end audio sector. The idea of having the most desirable traits of the old school speaker designs (the authority, dynamics, overall believability) coupled to enhanced  levels of transparency — under one hood, seemed very attractive and finally led to his decision to materialize such speaker under his own brand name.


So, rather than following the popular trends in speaker building we have chosen to follow the nature — getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of live music. Under the guidance of Igor Kante, a passionate, highly experienced audiophile and retailer, the main requirements for the speakers were set. Igor worked closely with the industrial designer Janez Mesaric and acoustic designer Miro Krajnc to form the basis for the speaker that will change the widespread notion of what is possible in this size and form.

Our team has always felt that visual aesthetics don't need to oppose the acoustic demands, but rather that they can go hand in hand with each other. The combination of a simple and elegant outer shape is aided by some strikingly fresh visual details that result in a very harmonic overall aesthetic presentation. Every detail, and all technological aspects of our 3-way speakers, reflects the highest demands that we have put on them:

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All of the above results in a frighteningly dynamic, powerful, precise, transparent and yet extremely involving sound reproduction. The natural tonal colors of voices and instruments, along with the tremendous sense of authority and rock solid 3D stereo image, ensures an experience that simply must be heard to be believed and appreciated. This speaker is almost impossible to bring to its knees in SPL terms; it favors no music genre over another and is at home with ultra high quality recordings as well as mediocre ones. This means that finally (!) you will be able to enjoy your ENTIRE music collection and not only the »audiophile tagged one«. On the other hand, these speakers will allow you to hear the impact of every, and even the smallest change that you will bring into your system by means of different cabling, treatments, etc.


As all drivers are essentially fast by virtue of their constructional characteristics (low mechanical resistance and losses, powerful magnets) an added bonus comes in the form of excellent responsiveness at low to medium listening levels, making late night listening sessions highly enjoyable.


If the majority of current high-end audio loudspeaker offerings leave you wanting, delivering the thin, anemic, shrill, colorless, compressed sound — prepare yourself for the real thing: Ubiq Audio MODEL ONE brings huge joy to the music reproduction — again. Experience the music in domestic environments in a way you thought was only possible at a live concert and this is precisely what sets MODEL ONE apart from the competition.

listening to your music collection at home will become thrilling in unimaginable ways