Echole Omnia - Digital Interconnect Cable
HKD $68000.00

Echole’s OMNIA line is the most expensively built cable in the market today. Introduced in 2013, its unique properties are derived from the unprecedented quantity of the most refined Silver, Gold, Palladium alloy used in its construction. After years of research and development, the final result is a suite of cables at the pinnacle of high-end audio. OMNIA delivers the most naturally organic sounding and emotionally engaging, life-like performance. All audiophile parameters evolve significantly together with a musical involvement that all of our clients state as a paradigm shift. Several highly respected opinion leaders across the world have declared the OMNIA line as their current reference without peer.

OMNIA Digital Interconnect:
2 runs of Teflon-insulated, 1.1mm solid core OMNIA-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium custom-structured alloy, hand-braided and fully symmetrical. Precisely designed for digital signals.
Termination: Palladium-polished Silver Oyaide terminations – RCA / XLR / BNC.